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Ashaway News Release Archives:

Ashaway Forms Strategic Partnership with International Alliance of Racquet Technicians

Ashaway Introduces 17 Gauge MonoGut® ZX Pro Tennis String

Customize Your Racquet with Ashaway's Dynamite® Family of Zyex®-based Tennis Strings

Ashaway's Crandall Calls New Polyketone-Based Tennis Strings, "Manmade Natural Gut"

Ashaway Introduces MonoGut® ZX Red, Its Revolutionary New Zyex® Monofilament Tennis String

Ashaway Zyex® MonoGut Tennis String Renamed MonoGut® ZX

Ashaway Rounds Out Tennis String Line with Fine-tuned Dynamite® 17 Natural

Ashaway's UltraKill® Family of Racquetball Strings Offers Range of Power, Durability and Feel

Ashaway Introduces Zyex® Based Dynamite® 18 Soft Tennis String

Ashaway Introduces Crossfire® Plus Hybrid Tennis Strings

Multi-Stranded Zyex® Monofilament gives Ashaway's PowerNick® Squash Strings "Hard Power"

Ashaway Introduces Zyex® MonoGut® Tennis String

Ashaway Introduces ZyMax® 65—the Most Repulsive Badminton String Ever Made

Ashaway's UltraNick® Family Offers Players a New Concept in Squash String: Soft Power

Ashaway Announces Sponsorship Deal with Jacqueline Paraiso

Huczek Signs On As Product Development Advisor For Ashaway

Ashaway Introduces UltraKill® 16 Racquetball String

Ashaway Introduces Dynamite® 16 Tough Tennis String

Ashaway Unveils New Website

Ashaway Meets Demand for Softer Playing, More Powerful Tennis String with Dynamite® 17 Soft

Ashaway Introduces UltraNick® 17 Squash String With Zyex® Multifilament Core

Ashaway Named for Third Term as Official String of USA Racquetball

Ashaway Extends Sponsorship Agreement with David Palmer

Ashaway Introduces PowerNick® 19—Thinnest Squash String Ever

Ashaway Introduces Zyex-based UltraKill® 18 Racquetball String

Ashaway Introduces New Dynamite® Soft Line of Zyex-Based Tennis Strings

Ashaway Signs Daryl Selby

New Ashaway ZyMax® 67 Offers Lowest Tension Loss of Any Badminton String

Ashaway UltraNick® 18 Squash String with Zyex® Multifilament Fibers

Ashaway Introduces Zyex-based UltraKill® 17 Racquetball String

Ashaway Introduces ZyMax® 62, the Lightest Badminton String Ever Made

Ashaway Racket Strings Celebrates 185th Birthday

New Ashaway Multifilament Core Packages Allow Thinner, Stronger Racquet Strings

Ashaway Introduces ZyMax® 70 for Badminton, the Strongest 0.70 mm String Ever Made

New Ashaway ZyWeaVe™ Technology Produces Lightest, Strongest Badminton Strings


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