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Double Dragon Publishing is a Canadian company responsible for the publication of many top-rated eBook titles in a variety of genres. Composed of a number of imprints, Double Dragon eBooks is by far the largest division under the DDP umbrella with over 1000 titles and 8000 editions. Opening its doors in 2000 with only 12 authors, Double Dragon eBooks (Double Dragon's flagship imprint) quickly gained the respect and dedication of hundreds of would-be authors around the world. Touted as, "one of the best, perhaps THE best, of the electronic publishers" by Piers Anthony in 2004, Double Dragon print and eBooks are available at, or from an extended retail network which includes Fictionwise, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Sony, Kobo, MobiPocket, Apple and more.

Current News:

Double Dragon eBooks Publishes Heroic Fantasy Series, The Valerian Chronicles, by T.R. Rankin


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