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Double Dragon eBooks Publishes Heroic Fantasy Series, The Valerian Chronicles, by T.R. Rankin

-- Four-novel series to appear on all major eBook platforms, plus POD print

Markham Ontario, Canada, October 18, 2011 -- Double Dragon eBooks, the flagship banner of Double Dragon Publishing, has announced the publication of The Valerian Chronicles, a four-novel heroic fantasy series by T.R. Rankin. The series, which had been available only on Kindle Books, will now be available on all major eBook platforms, including Fictionwise, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Sony, Kobo, MobiPocket, Apple and more. Print versions will be available on a POD basis.

The Valerian Chronicles trace the saga of a man's search for redemption and his struggle to regain an Empire usurped by the power-mad regicide, Fantar. Set in a mythical time around the shores of a Mediterranean-like Inland Sea, the Chronicles are shaped from human clay. The characters—Valerius, Thorngere, Vahla, Koltar, Grumwald, Eomer, Chad and the rest—all struggle with their own personal demons. Behind the scenes, gods and other mystical powers manifest themselves in the mysteries of an ancient red power stone—the Eye of Valeria—which as King, Valerius is supposed to command. Books in the series include The Eye of Valeria, Valerius the King, Valerius Everreigning, and Valerius and the Bastard Son.

The Eye of Valeria, the first book of The Valerian Chronicles, covers events in the Hidden Valley, far to the south of the fallen Valerian Empire, during the period when the usurper and regicide, Fantar, reigns as Emperor, and the rightful High King, Valerius, is living in hiding under an assumed name. The book deals with the concept of identity, of self-actualization, and the question of kingship in a strange realm where the people are tiny and nothing is as it appears.

In the second book of the series, Valerius the King, Valerius finds it takes more than a name, more than gold, more even than the possession of an ancient power stone to make a king. With his Hidden Valley discovered by the enemy, Valerius faces tough decisions about the future of his rag-tag force, and must either make war on an old friend, or risk annihilation. His companion, Thorngere, travels the Inland Sea building a resistance network, until his life too, is suddenly changed by a dancing girl named Vahla, whose blurted prophecy leads to a naval battle outside Dulcai; the thrilling rescue of Eomer, daughter of King Reuters of Dulcai; the siege of Hidden Valley city of Kantar; and a major battle which brings Valerius north to Zagorbia on the Inland Sea and threatens Fantar himself.

In Valerius Everreigning, the third volume of the Valerian Chronicles, Valerius’ plans to strike at Fantar are forestalled when he is besieged in the city of Zagorbia. Thorngere travels north to gather troops in his homeland and discovers the secret of his birth, while Princess Vahla travels east with her ubiquitous servant Chad. Some of the tricks taught her by the Mage Volkmir stand her in good stead as she dupes the Oracle at Cartho and enchants the Viceroy of Palmeria, Asperides. But mage tricks are of no avail when she is captured by invading Scythians. Finally, after throwing off the siege, Valerius moves east with a growing host, and aided by the brilliant but tiny King Koltar, confronts the God Balam, and the Scythians, and also faces the greatest threat to his entire quest—his own pride.

The Empire secure at last, in book IV of the Chronicles, Valerius and the Bastard Son, Valerius finds that far from being able to rest, he must now rebuild what he has conquered. Exhausted after two years of effort, he takes Queen Eomer and their young children to visit her ailing father, King Reuters, in Dulcai. But rest is not to be had there, either, for a strange prophecy drives Valerius back to the Inland Sea to confront yet another form of evil. Sailing a new type of ship designed by King Koltar, and joined by Vahla with the ubiquitous Chad, Valerius faces a possessed bastard son of Fantar in a series of sea battles before climbing back into the mountains south of Zagorbia to face his ultimate test and learn at last the secret power of the magic gem, the Eye of Valeria.

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